Glide Rental Specific Paddleboards

Glide rental specific paddleboards have been the leading brand on the market for over 8 years. We’ve developed shapes and construction to not only maximize board longevity, but also enhance user experience. Utilizing our Glide Surface Shield (GSS), we’ve created a board to take the abuse of haphazard renters. We have rental boards still in use over 5 years old, while still maintaining the aesthetic of a newer board.

Rental Specific Paddle Board

Rental Specific Glide Features

Glide rental specific paddle boards have been leaders in durability and performance for over 8 years. Utilizing unique construction and user friendly shapes they cater to both patrons and outfitters. 

  • Paddling in two lengths, 10’ and 11' the Rental is perfect for any user level
  • GSS ultra durable coating is ideal for rental, recreation, and harsh river abuse
  • Designed with a flat bottom and lowered rocker, making it easier for beginners to stand and flow
  • Comfortable handle reduces fatigue caused from carrying the board
  • Unique locking hole that allows you to lock all boards together in a matter of seconds
  • Classic shape facilitates confident paddling on flatwater, rivers and surf
  • All boards also include full length, non-slip, EVA deck pad for maximum traction and a place for a pup or little one

Rental Glide SUP

02 Rental

  • Rental Specific inflatable SUP 
  • Easy to use, no maintenance backpack 
  • High capacity SUP pump
  • 3 Piece breakdown paddle included. 

Rental SUP